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Our Founder and Head of School

Dr. Charlotte Haynes has been an educator in various capacities for the past forty years. She has served in the capacity of Director/Owner of early childhood programs in Canada, Georgia, Florida, and Maryland. She's worked closely with local and state agencies including the Maryland Department of Education to set learning and accreditation standards. She is also well-versed in zoning, licensing, and interpreting city codes. In her last administrative role, Dr. Haynes managed a large school with 2.2 million dollars in annual revenue. She also served in the capacity of Program Management Coordinator and Professor of Early Childhood Education at Washington Adventist University for eleven years, where she taught Early Childhood Education, assisted the department with program accreditation and mentored teachers.  She currently serves as a Commissioner on the Children, Youth & Family Board for the City of Alexandria. Prior to founding Monarch Montessori School, Dr. Haynes owned a licensed education training institute that served more than 3000 early childhood professionals between 1995 and 2020.       


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and Early Childhood Education, a Master of Arts degree in Child Care Administration & Child Development & Master of Science degree in Education, and a PhD in Education. 

Our Team

Our team members include Rosemarie Davis (Chief Financial Officer), Fabian Morrison (Financial Advisor), Sudhir Khetarpal (Small Business Accounting), Ben Jadda (Strategic Partner), Srinivas Chennamaraja (Strategic Partner) and Shari Sicsko (Strategic Partner).

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