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At Monarch Montessori School, we try to make the admissions process as seamless as possible. 
You will find the necessary forms and information below.
K-3 Admissions Process
At Monarch Montessori School, there are 5 steps to the admissions process. We offer rolling admissions based on the following factors:
  • Space availability (we prefer small classroom sizes)
  • Your child's readiness for the desired program/grade
  • Parental commitment​
  • Special needs: Please note that Monarch Montessori School will only admit students with mild disabilities who aren't a danger to themselves or others. We also reserve the right to dismiss students after 90 days from our program who require unreasonable accommodations, are violent or cannot integrate well into the self-directed program.

Step One: Schedule and take a tour of your desired classroom. Meet with your child's teacher and discuss Montessori curriculum. Take Reference Form to prior school's administrator for completion. Submit Reference Form to Monarch Montessori prior to making Application.

Step Two:  Submit a application for review. Once application is approved, submit $600 registration fee and accompanying application materials. Review School's Sick Policy.

Step Three: Schedule a short age-appropriate on-site assessment (no more than 30 minutes) with our school's administrator.

Step Four:  Confirm admission status and start date. Next, accept invitation from Brightwheel and receive a four-digit check-in/out code.

Step Five:  Receive welcome letter and make tuition and insurance payments when your child arrives on campus for their first day.

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