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Preschool Curriculum (6 Weeks - 5 Years)
Preschool Curriculum Components
Practical Life-  Activities assist the child in becoming more independent, self-confident and able to face new challenges.  Lessons emphasize self-care, environmental awareness and can include cleaning, food preparation, polishing and watering plants.  Heritage Montessori Day & Preschool offers botany to both our preschool and day school students.
Sensorial- The purpose of sensorial activities is to aid in the development of the senses.  A child's sensory experience defines how they interact with the world around them in a tactical way.  Sensory materials in the classroom stimulate visual perception, tactile impressions, auditory and olfactory perceptions.  At times, activities will also include tasting and experimenting with foods.
Mathematics- Mathematical concepts are introduced by using concrete sensorial materials in the classroom.  Children are encouraged to understand basic math concepts including numbering, sequencing, counting and number recognition.
Language- Language materials in the classroom enhance each child's vocabulary.  Language-based materials encourage children to explore the written and spoken language.  Activities include learning phonetic sounds, word composition, reading another child's work and learning to communicate thoughts and feelings in a respectful way.
Culture-  Cultural activities in a Montessori classroom allow children to experience stories, artwork, music, artifacts and food from the child's community, social and cultural background.  Maps, Google Earth and other tools are used to share geographical information about different cultures.  Science, Zoology and Botany are also included in this area.  Children develop an appreciate for their culture and the cultures of other students in the classroom.
Preschool Program Goals
  • Introduce Montessori materials
  • Foster growth of functional independence, concentration and self-discipline
  • Promote social development through respectful communication
  • Refine sensory perception and the development of math and language skills
  • Deliver specialized Montessori Preparation for School Program
  • Offer opportunities for exploration, leading to confidence and self-expression
  • Foster critical thinking
  • Preparing children to succeed at school and beyond
Kids Gardening
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