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What You Need to Know...
Our school year begins September 6th and ends on June 12th. **Please see our school's calendar for other important dates.
Our Montessori grade day school program offers individualized instruction and evaluation.  Students learn in a multi-age setting where children are grouped ages 6-8 to allow for cognitive development absent of competition.  Teachers (Guides) evaluate each child's work on an on-going basis. Parent-teacher conferences take place at the middle and end of each school year in an effort to establish goals and work on areas of improvement.  Assessments are given at the beginning and the end of the school year.  Grade reports are finalized during the week of June 14th.  
Day School Program Goals
  • Introduce Montessori materials and concepts within the "second plane of development"
  • Multi-age classrooms engineering a spirit of collaboration
  • Individual learning plans and instruction
  • Allow children to explore the academic world through related disciplines including math, reading, science, drama, botany, geography, zoology, creative writing, penmanship, art etc.
  • Foster growth of functional independence, concentration and self-discipline
  • Promote social development through respectful communication
  • Refine sensory perception and the further development of math and language skills
  • Foster problem-solving skills
  • Offer opportunities for exploration, leading to confidence and self-expression
  • Foster critical thinking and independent work
  • Promote self awareness as well as empathy 
  • To encourage each child's academic growth and ultimately prepare them for matriculation to higher grades
  • Promote social responsibility
  • To encourage curiosity and fun
Child Carrying Vegetables
Children in Science Class
Children's Race
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